The Tokyo Statement

Cooperation for Beneficial AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises to be one of the most transformative technologies in human history. Wherever it is developed, its impacts will soon be global. This means that the challenges of ensuring that it is beneficial are challenges for us all.

We urge that these challenges be addressed in a spirit of cooperation, not competition. Our collective task should be to ensure that AI contributes to sustainable human flourishing across the world. It should be demonstrably safe, reliable and robust, and should be developed in alignment with the values of the communities in which it will be deployed.

These goals call for wide collaboration on the development and deployment of AI, both within and between the societies of the world. This collaboration needs to be broadly-based, with the participation of a diverse range of institutions and individuals, from civil society, industry, academia and the policy sector.

Most importantly of all, the collaboration needs to be global. AI will have profound effects on every culture and nation, and all cultures and nations should have a voice in how it is developed and used. AI has the potential to be one of the greatest achievements of our human species. To do it well we must do it together.

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