The AI Seminar Series, “When Neural Search Meets Generative AI” (2022/07/13)

The AI Seminar Series, “When Neural Search Meets Generative AI”, will be held on Wednesday, July 13, from 10:25 – 12:10. Please register by clicking on the link below. This event is open to UT members only.


July 13th, 10:25-12:10 @zoom


Dr. Han Xiao, CEO of Jina AI


When Neural Search Meets Generative AI


Neural search is using deep learning to search unstructured data, which has been developed rapidly over the last 2 years. With opensource framework like Jina (, searching cross-modal/multi-modal data via deep neural networks becomes extremely straightforward. DALL·E, a powerful image-to-text generator released by OpenAI in 2021 further boosts the popularity of multimodal applications. We now see thousands of astonishing artwork made by DALL·E every day. How all these new technologies will change our way of comprehending data? Most importantly, how can developers easily build solutions & applications leveraging those technologies? This tutorial will answer these two questions. This workshop is bi-partite. In part 1, Dr. Han Xiao will introduce the recent advances of neural search and multi-modal intelligence. He will break down the design principle of Jina ecosystem. In part 2 (bring your laptop), Han will guide step by step to use DiscoArt ( to create compelling Disco Diffusion artworks. He will demonstrate how Jina unlocks multi-modal/cross-modal capability in your solution & applications. This is a great chance to get hands dirty with Jina and DocArray’s Pythonic API and to embrace the charm of generative arts.


Dr. Han Xiao is the Founder & CEO of Jina AI, a commercial opensource company based in Berlin. Since its founding in 2020, Jina AI has raised $38M from top investors, including GGV, Cannan, YUNQI, Jina AI is one of the most promising AI startups globally according to CBInsights 2022, 2021 and Forbes DACH 2020. Before Jina AI, Han led a team on neural information retrieval at Tencent AI, laying down the next-gen search infrastructure. Han served as a board member at Linux Foundation AI in 2019, driving the opensource innovation and international collaboration. In 2014-18 Han worked at Zalando Research in Berlin as a Senior Research Scientist. Han received a Ph.D. (2014) and MSc. (2011) in computer science from the Technical University of Munich in Germany.

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