Research and Education

Research Projects

  • Action plan based on “The University of Tokyo Vision 2020.” Advance Planning for the New Establishment of the “Next Generation Intelligence Research Center”
  • Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Research Center. Excellence in education and research courses, Educational research subsidy, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology
  • New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) Projects to research and develop next generation artificial intelligence and robotics basic technologies
  • Donations from NVIDIA

Social Collaboration

  • New Establishment of “Intelligent Mobility Society Design, Social Cooperation Program” by the University of Tokyo and Toyota Central R&D Labs

Development of Human Resource

  • Cooperate with “Advanced Artificial Intelligence I” and “Advanced Artificial Intelligence II” (Lectures at Graduate School of Information Science and Technology)
  • Cooperate with “Chair for Frontier AI Education” (Graduate School of Information Science and Technology)
  • “NEDO / AIRC = University of Tokyo Artificial Intelligence Advanced Technology Human Resources Development Course” (external funding, completed)
  • Cooperate with “Toyota / Dwango Advanced AI Scholarship” of the University of Tokyo
  • Cooperate with “Toyota Scholarship for Advanced AI Study Abroad” of the University of Tokyo
  • Cooperate with “AI and Society Dialogue” (Lectures at Graduate School)