2023/11/14, Microsoft co-hosted AI Forum 2023

【AI Forum 2023: Join us!】
The AI Forum 2023 is a co-hosted event by Microsoft Research Asia and The University of Tokyo. The forum aims to showcase groundbreaking advancements in AI research and explore the synergy between AI, society, and science. AI has the potential to address complex societal challenges, ranging from climate change to healthcare disparities. On the scientific front, AI serves as a potent tool that propels scientific discovery and innovation, enhancing the efficiency of research and unveiling new realms of exploration that were once beyond our grasp. This year holds special significance for Microsoft Research Asia as we celebrate our 25th anniversary. The MOU concluded between Microsoft Corporation and The University of Tokyo in August 2023, promotes AI research as one of its three collaboration points. We hope to chart a course where AI acts as a catalyst for societal transformation and scientific progress. Join us in this enlightening gathering as we explore the captivating world of AI!

  • Date & Time: Tuesday, November 14, 2023 13:00-18:15 (JST)
  • Co-hosted by The University of Tokyo and Microsoft Research
  • Venue: Yasuda Auditorium, The University of Tokyo, Japan
  • A simultaneous interpretation headset will be provided to all attendance for free.

Please visit the event website to learn more and register now!