The 1st AI Center Symposium -Towards the Next Generation of Intelligent Science

Date & Time:December 4th, 2020 (Friday) 13: 30-17: 30

Hosting format: Online (Zoom Webinar)

Host Organization:Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Research Center


Towards the Next Generation of Intelligent Science


Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Research Center (AI Center) attempts to transcend the framework and limitations of current AI technology to construct a novel scheme of science and technology regarding human and artificial intelligence. It will be truly beneficial for humans, driving future society, industry, economy, culture and research. Based on the new scheme, the AI Center will also propose and realize a vision/design of the future society and contribute to advanced education of next leaders. In order to realize these, the AI Center is established as an inter-school research organization to unite all relevant disciplines of the University of Tokyo from science and technology to the humanities as well as external collaborations for powerful syntheses. As part of that activity, we decided to hold a series of symposiums to consider how artificial intelligence will tackle the various fields and issues in the world. Each symposium will be held with a theme, and the first one will be “Toward the Next Generation of Intelligent Science”, with the aim of informing you about what the big picture is for the AI Center. Those who will talk include Director of AI Center, Heads of the Department of Machine Intelligence, the Department of Dynamic Real-World Intelligence, the Department of Human AI, the Department of Intelligent Society, and the AI Center’s full-time faculty members who arrived this year. We will conduct it online due to the Coronavirus, but we hope that many of you will listen to it.


(Moderator)MATSUBARA Hitoshi

SUDA Reiji
Dean of the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
13:40-13:55Aiming for next-generation artificial intelligence that goes beyond the “unforeseen”, and truly functions for humans
Director of Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Research Center
14:00-14:15Real-world understanding from teacher information that is limited  
HARADA Tatsuya
Head, Department of Machine Intelligence
14:20-14:35Deep neural evolution and educational AI
IBA Hitoshi
Head, Department of Dynamic Real-World Intelligence
14:40-14:55Neuro-intelligence: Brain and AI 
AIHARA Kazuyuki
Head, Department of Human AI
15:00-15:15Social intelligence with AI technology installed everywhere 
HORI Koichi
Head, Department of Intelligent Society
15:35-15:50Use AI to approach the question of what is creativity 
15:55-16:10AI health care support, that begins with knowing human behavior 
MORI Taketoshi
16:15-16:30Physical Reservoir Computing: Taking an octopus arm computer as an example
16:35-16:50Social cybernetics where AI can be close to people and society
16:50-17:20General discussion


Aimed at: Anyone, including UT members (faculty and staffs, students), and the general public (free to take part)
How to apply: Please register to take part in advance at the URL below. We will send you the ZOOM URL at a later date.
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Please note that this symposium will be held in Japanese only. A video with English subtitles will be delivered at a later date. Those who would like to watch it, please apply at the URL below.
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